Category: Glass Creations

Tops & Spin Stations

These tops and spin stations are exercises in symmetric beauty. When combined with a spin station some of the tops can stay upright for more than 4 minutes. These are the perfect piece of desk art and are designed allow the collector a quick mental break to gather their thoughts. Glass Tops Spin Stations


These marbles are some of my favorite things to make! Each one is hand crafted and takes the form of a perfect sphere that is equally satisfying to hold as it is to gaze upon. Videos Images

Guitar Slides

Bring some extra flair to your musical game with these stunningly unique guitar slides. With a wide range of different styles, the thick and durable borosilicate glass rings brightly with incredible smoothness. The bright colors to express your personality through the visual impact as you create your sonic masterpiece.


Silver and Gold Fume Mugs These 16oz Mugs are hand crafted by Bert Langan using specialized techniques which involve fine gold and silver to acquire the coloration. Each mug is unique and tailored to the experience that the collector desires. Fritted Mugs These mugs were made by incorporating fine frit (a fancy term for small …